Govt. College of Nursing, Alappuzha

Govt. College of Nursing, Alappuzha started functioning on 4th December, 2006.  The inaugural function of the College and the laying of foundation stone of new college building were held on 21st January 2007. The College is currently affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences. The College is situated in the suburban area of Vandanam, 10 km south of the Alappuzha(previously Alleppey) town, of Kerala State, South India



The faculty of Govt. College of Nursing, Alappuzha believes that, Nursing is an art and science.

The educational process of this institution is geared to provide opportunities for students to meet individual learning needs and to nurture abilities like critical thinking, independent enquiry, resourcefulness, interpersonal relations and communication and to excel in both personal and professional spheres of life. The faculty also recognize the need for  overall and continued development of  students and keep them abreast with the periodic changes in Nursing and allied Health Sciences and Technology.



  • ♥ Prepare professional nurses to provide comprehensive health care to patients with commitment and compassion
  • ♥Develop professional nurses to render service in different levels of Health care delivery system.
  • ♥Provide evidence based nursing practice through Nursing Research
  • ♥Mold student as an individual citizen and as a prospective member of the profession in order to uphold the  dignity of the Profession.



The faculty of College of Nursing, Alappuzha believe that nursing is a health science, an art and vocation which necessitates prompt updating of knowledge and skills in a specialized clinical area to render quality services and maintain collaboration with other health professionals :


WE hold the following beliefs about persons, health, nursing, environment and education. These beliefs are congruent with the mission of the college of nursing and serve as a foundation for the curriculum and selection of instructional methods practice.

WE believe that person is a unique being of worth and dignity, holistic in nature, sharing interactive biophysical , cognitive, developmental and spiritual dimensions that is common to all human beings . We believe that individuals are active partners in their own health care.

WE believe that the health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely the absence of diseases and infirmity and that health encompasses states of wellness or integrity.

WE believe that the environment consists of dynamic biophysical and socio cultural elements that interact to impact a persons health. The environment can be altered to positively affect a person’s health by changing or removing unhealthy stressors and enhancing or providing health promotion resources.

WE believe that nursing involves a dynamic interaction between the client and nurse designed to promote, maintain and restore an optimal level of health or support a peaceful death.

WE believe the educational process of this institution is geared to provide opportunities for the students to meet individual learning needs, to nurture abilities like critical thinking, decision making, independent inquiry, resourcefulness, interpersonal relations and communication.

THE FACULTY recognizes the need for overall development of our students to keep them abreast with periodic changes and trends in nursing and allied health science and technology.

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News & Events

  • Workshop

    Seven days CNE on Updates of Critical Care for Staff nurses is organised from24/09/2018 to29/09/2018 Seven days CNE on Infection control & Patient safety for Staff [...]

  • StateLevel Conference

    State Level Conference on Biostatistics conducted on 11/01/2019 &12/01/2019.The programme was inaguarated by Shri V R Krishna Theja IAS,Subcollector Alappuzha.

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