Govt. College of Nursing, Alappuzha

Staff Development Program

staff development

Staff development programme is conducted regularly since the inception of this knowledge . Faculty are exposed to innovative strategies to become effective person professionally and personally. Experts from various disciplines are invited to deliver their expertise in this college. A regular staff development programme is conducted in the college every month on the third Wednesday from 12 pm – 1 pm. Innovative topics are selected for presentation followed by discussion

Staff development programme conducted includes

  1. Mist therapy in wound healing by Jisha S(Asst.Professor) -15.02.2012
  2. Amnion dressing in paediatric burns –by Ms.Athira (Asst.professor) 25.02.2012
  3. Enhanced external counter pulsation therapy –  by Mrs.Stella (Asst.professor)  25.04.2012
  4. Water birth by Mrs.Minu (lecturer) on 21.05.2012
  5. Awake crainiotomy by Mrs.Veena (lecturer)on 26.06.2012
  6. Fetal surgery by Mrs.Asha K.V(Asst.professor) on 01.08.2012
  7. Extra corporeal membrane oxygenation by Ms.Naisy (Lecturer) on 19.10.2012
  8. Antioxidants –by Mrs.Jayakumari (lecturer) on 22.01 2013
  9. Better the best teacher –by Rajilan (international trainer  JCI) on 27.09.2013
  10. Krl-ssh-Zyw-þ-ho-«½ ho«nse sshZy³ “ASp¡f ho«nse Bip-]{Xn” By VaidyaRatnamG  Sugnnan  on 21.11.2014
  11. POEMS SYNDROME –by Mrs.Judy John (lecturer ) on 17.03.2015
  12. Healthy diet –by Mrs. Vilasini(Asso.professor) on 12.05.2015
  13. Competency development in teaching –by Dr.T.CThankachan on 21.12.2015