Govt. College of Nursing, Alappuzha

Student Welfare Activities

  1. Counselling of students on admission and on regular basis

Guidance and counseling services, as helpful resource are provided to the students who need support. We are giving support through guidance & counseling services by qualified personnel. The students are also provided with counseling services to improve their academic performances.

  1. Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings are conducted on a regular basis as and when required, to consider various matters pertaining to the discipline and the development of the college. Organizes PTA meetings to consult and review the academic achievement of students and other problems of college.

  1. Mentorship by faculty
  2. Annual medical check up

Health status of each student is assured on admission and on regular basis. Free and compulsory medical check up is done annually.


  1. Vaccination against Hepatits-B

On admission every student is given vaccination against hepatits B

  1. Anti-Ragging Policies

As per the directions of the Honorable supreme court of India on ragging and the orders of various authorities, ragging in any form inside and outside the campus is strictly prohibited. The institution maintains a zero tolerance policy toward ragging. All issues in this regard will be dealt with utmost urgency and stringent action will be taken against those involved. An Anti Ragging Committee has been framed to prevent ragging issues.

  1. Scholarships from various resources
  2. Participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities

To nurture the latent talent of students Co-Curricular activities play a vital role in curriculum.  Activities are identified which cover all the areas which ensure development of holistic personality. Some of the activities include inter-collegiate arts and sports competition, college day celebration, celebration of important days etc

  1. Participation in Activities of Student Nurses Association

SNA is the professional organization of the nursing students at the national level. A wide variety of professional, social, cultural, and recreational activities are conducted to strengthen the curricular and co curricular components of the curriculum.

  1. Karate

Karate classes are conducted to ensure self protection of students

  1. Yoga


Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline.We do encourage yoga and conduct yoga classes for students

  1. Workshops and Training Programmes


Workshop enhances creativity among students and faculty members and helps to explore new path in research and development of new technology. Every year we conduct many workshops and training programmes to update knowledge of students.

  1. Induction Training

The students passing out from the institution with colourful flags of victory are promoted to interns. Induction training is conducted just before their internship programme to guide our students in the right path.

  1. Awards for Achievements

Awards by various organizations like SNA, Alumni association for rank holders and best outgoing students

Gold medal for the rank holders of M.Sc. Nursing and B.Sc. Nursing programme